Challenger Troop

The prospect of a gloomy, icy February Friday was firmly kicked into touch last Friday afternoon when Challenger Troop visited Year 6 to put them through their paces in an outdoor workshop.

Challenger Troop‘s ethos is to promote character, resilience and comradeship by focusing on outdoor leaning and problem solving. The three activities the team ran included navigating a “minefield”, building a bridge with tyres and planks and retrieving vital supplies from “Toxic waste”.

The mud caked trainers and soggy jogging bottoms told their own story of effort and endurance with the following comments a testament to the high “enjoyability” factor of the session :

“It was really fun, I learnt a lot about teamwork”

“The people running it were very supportive and gave you tips but didn’t tell you what to do as you had to work it out yourself”

“I learnt that shouting at each other wasn’t the answer”

With the transition to secondary school not far away, these activities are designed to stretch, empower and promote independence by providing a springboard from which our year 6 class can take confidence going forward to their next step.

Well done year 6 and thank you to Challenger Troop.


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