Equal Opportunities Policy

“All human beings are endowed with a rational soul and are created in God’s image; they have the same nature and origin and, being redeemed by Christ, they enjoy the same divine calling and destiny…Forms of social or cultural discrimination in basic personal rights on the grounds of sex, race, colour, social conditions, language or religion, must be curbed or eradicated as incompatible with God’s design.” (The Second Vatican Council)





In accordance with the above statement we aim to ensure that every pupil and member of staff is given an equal opportunity to achieve their full potential. In addition, each individual is entitled to learn, teach or work in a supportive and inclusive environment and to benefit from the diversity of our school community.


  • As a Catholic School, this policy should also be read in conjunction with St Joseph’s Mission Statement, Race Equality policy and other relevant documents.
  • It is particularly important to see this as an umbrella policy for all our new equality duties and so all aspects of it should be read in conjunction with our disability discrimination scheme, our racial equality policy and our gender equality policy





  • Admission to St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School will be determined by the published admissions policy which does not permit gender, ethnicity, background, or ability to be used as criteria. (Catholic schools, however, have the right, under current legislation, to give preference to Catholics in respect of admission to school. If the Governors choose to admit non-Catholics to the School all pupils will be treated equally in all respects. The only exception to this would be where Catholic baptism is a prerequisite e.g. sacramental preparation)



  • In accordance with the school’s Mission Statement, its Catholic foundation and ethos, and the requirements of the National Curriculum, the school will offer a broad, balanced objective and sensitive curriculum within which gender, ethnicity, cultural diversity and disability will be treated positively The school will work towards ensuring that where applicable resources will be multicultural, non-sexist and contain positive images of all groups.
  • The school will seek to prevent overt discrimination in terms of access to the whole curriculum offered by the school (including extra-curricular activities), resources, school organisation and discipline.       Additionally the school will seek to prevent covert discrimination resulting from prejudiced assumptions, beliefs and values.


Teaching and non-teaching staff

  • The presentation and development of the quality and distinctive nature of Catholic schools depends essentially on the faith practice and standards of the teachers employed in the school. Wherever possible the governors will seek to employ well qualified teachers who are practising Catholics. The posts of head teacher, deputy head teacher and RE Co-ordinator shall only be held by practising Catholics in accordance with the Bishops’ “Memorandum on the Appointment of Teachers in Catholic School.” In all other posts where an appointment cannot be delayed and there is no suitable Catholic applicant, governors will seek to appoint well qualified teachers of other faiths. Given these provisos, all applicants for teaching posts will be treated equally and no applicant will be discriminated against on grounds of gender, age, ethnicity or disability.
  • All members of staff will be given equal access to in-service or other training and professional development in accordance with the school’s needs at any particular time, as identified by the School Improvement Plan.
  • Staff pay will be determined in accordance with the relevant statutory documents (e.g. the current Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Document) and the school’s published pay policy.
  • Staff disciplinary procedure, grievance procedures and staffing reviews will be conducted in accordance with the KCC policy adopted by the Governing Body.




  • Any discrimination or alleged discrimination by any person (adult or child) within the school will be treated seriously. It will be made clear to offending individuals that their behaviour is unacceptable.
  • Such behaviour will include the use of any oral or written material resulting in pupils or adults being treated or regarded less favourably because of their gender, age, ethnicity, background, religious beliefs, abilities or disabilities; the display of symbols, bags and insignia likely to cause offence to any particular group; and classroom or school organisational and management structures likely to adversely impact upon the individual or individuals because of their gender, age, ethnicity, background, religious beliefs, abilities or disabilities. ( Please note faith considerations regarding child admissions and staff recruitment above)




  • All staff, governors and parents will be made aware of the school’s policy.



  • Where applicable the school governors will refer to the relevant legislations.



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