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February Newsletter

1st  February 2016       Newsletter                         Academic Year 2015/16

Dear Parents/Carers

I thought I would update you on upcoming events.

Parents Consultations Reminder

There will be two Parent Consultation sessions on Tuesday 9th February and Wednesday 10th of February.  They will follow the same model as in previous years which seemed to suit a lot of parents.  The two sessions allow for time slots of 15 minutes instead of 10 as in November’s consultations.  There will also be opportunities for book scrutiny and for you to comment on what you observed.

Tuesday 9th February: The school will close at 1.30 for all children, with appointments beginning at 1.45.  Again the After School club will run as usual.  For parents who have difficulty collecting children at this time, supervision will be arranged until the end of the school day, but we must know numbers by Friday 5th February. 

Wednesday 10th February: 

The school will close at the usual time with appointments beginning at 3.30 and going through to 7.50. 

The After School Club will run as usual

Children are not expected to attend consultation sessions.  Should there be any difficulties, I am happy to supervise school age children on the chairs outside the hall.

Appointment times can be booked from Tuesday 2nd February in the playground; through the office or via the homework diary.  Appointment times cannot be guaranteed through the latter two methods, but we will do our utmost to accommodate preferences.  Parents who cannot attend on those dates should make other arrangements at a time convenient to the class teacher.  Children with SEN support, as defined by the new SEND Code and arrangements, will be contacted by the class teacher to arrange a longer appointment.   Written reports will follow on the 4th March.

Updating Details

Last month you were asked to update contact details and to provide two other points of contact in the event of an emergency.  If you haven’t managed to provide the school with any changes of circumstances, please contact the office as soon as possible.


Shrove Tuesday/Pancake Day Menu

Tuesday 9th February

 Caterlink are offering a special menu for Shrove Tuesday as follows:-

 Chicken and Vegetable Pie with gravy and new potatoes.

Cauliflower and broccoli.


 Shrove Tuesday Pancakes served with

Fruit compote, golden syrup or zesty lemon.

If your child normally has a school dinner YOU DO NOT NEED TO DO ANYTHING

If your child normally has a packed lunch but would like the special menu, please complete the form at the end of the newsletter and send to the school office with your payment of £2.10 by Friday 5th February.




Y6 children will be taking part in an Adventure Week from 18th– 21st of March.  Mr Pavelin will be taking the lead and accompanied by Mrs Bugsell, Mr Beech and Mrs Lintern.


Miss Hewitt will be join us from February 22nd as a Year 3 teacher until the end of the academic year.  It is with great sadness we say au revoir (not goodbye) to Mrs Jordan.


Whereas school wholeheartedly supports children attending as much as possible, if your child is clearly unwell and needs care at home, please ensure that you limit the spread of sickness by making an informed decision as to whether attending school would cause more harm than good.  I appreciate your co-operation in this matter.


Can you ensure that you remove your child’s cycle or scooter at the end of the day? 


Some clubs will recommence the first week back after February holiday.  (See list attached).


You know what I’m going to ask you to do……………………. Please park with consideration for fellow drivers and most importantly for the safety of children.  Under no circumstances park in the middle of the road to drop or collect children.  Can we also be considerate of our neighbours’ garages and adhere to the voluntary one way system?  I have had a further complaint from a neighbour with regard to parking at the front of the school where inconsiderate parents park on the corner of Crawford Road and then open doors on the road side for children to alight.  This is very dangerous!  I am going to try to monitor parking around this area as well.


Winter Uniform for girls consists of:-

Brown tunic or skirt, cream/white blouse, school tie, royal blue cardigan or grey trousers and a white shirt.

Grey duffle coat preferred, if not, plain dark coat.

Shoes should be black or brown and without heels.

Winter uniform for boys consists of:-

Grey trousers, white long sleeved shirt, school tie and royal blue v-neck jumper.

Plain dark coat if possible.

Shoes should be black or brown.

Where possible, I would like children to use a school rucksack or school bag.  These can be purchased from the school office. If not, a plain black bag of similar size with no logos.

It is important that shirts and ties are worn appropriately and with pride.  Please ensure that all items of uniform are clearly named.  All shoulder length hair MUST be tied back with navy, brown or royal blue bands. 

For safety reasons, no jewellery may be worn (other than a plain wrist watch).  Children with pierced ears may wear a maximum of one pair of studs only.  During the winter months, it may the case that some parents wish to send children to school in boots or wellingtons. Indoor shoes should then be provided to change into for use around the school.   We ask for your vigilance in all matters of uniform please. 

Assemblies and Community Worship

Dates are attached to the newsletter.  While we try to stick to those dates from time to time changes are unavoidable.  There is no Y2 assembly on the 11th of February, it is on 10th of March instead,

One last thing……………………….. What lies at the bottom of the ocean and twitches? A nervous wreck.


 Yours sincerely

Mrs L Briggs

 Head Teacher


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