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Events have taken a very Enid Blytonesque turn at St Joseph’s this week with the introduction of lacrosse lessons for years 5 and 6 to the sporting calendar.

Memorably played by Darrell Rivers (with apologies for all those far too young to remember Malory Towers) the sport is having a renaissance here at St Joseph’s under the guidance of Chris Kidd from Premier Sport.

Lacrosse, for the uninitiated, is generally a five a side game involving hockey sticks with nets on the end and is a fast paced test of physical and mental agility with a huge dose of fun and team work. It is a perfect sport for delivering invasion skills within the physical literacy PE curriculum. Combining continuous running and sprinting as well as throwing and catching, the sport promotes fine-tuned coordination as our Year 5 and 6s found out this week when catching the ball in the cupped net proved more difficult than anticipated! A high level of strategy is required, with blocking and counters attack key skills to be developed over the coming weeks in what we hope will become a popular addition to the sporting calendar.






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