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Geography Intent

At St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, children will experience an enquiry approach to their geography learning. Our aim is for children to make sense of their world and to develop a connection with and understanding of the world and their place within it. Children will build on their geographical knowledge and skills each year as they learn about resources in the environment, physical and human processes and formation and use of landscapes. They will interpret and communicate geographical information using maps, globes and aerial photographs in their own investigations.

We believe regular fieldwork and practical tasks motivates children. In geography children have opportunities to explore and become familiar with their own locality which is crucial for them to make connections with those in contrasting places.

We promote the importance of having an awareness of the world and this begins in Early Years. Through investigating real places and the lives of those who live somewhere else, children will build positive attitudes to people around the world. St Joseph’s children will become ‘Happy Geographers’ who value diversity in places, environments and culture. We will endeavour to promote our school and Christian values within geography lessons:

Belonging – We will make children aware of their local context by comparing and contrasting with other locations around the world.

Caring – Ensure children develop a sense of caring for the physical environment and people around the world

Enjoying – Ensure children enjoy their local environment and develop a sense of care and duty to protect it

Respect – Develop children’s curiosity and respect for the world around them and the creatures within it

Teamwork – have the opportunity to take part in practical fieldwork that involves working as part of a team.

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