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St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School Local Governing Body

(LGB) Terms of Reference, Constitution and Membership


 Mission statement: For Catholic schools across Kent to deliver outstanding spiritual, moral and learning outcomes for children and young people by collaborating as a Catholic community ofacademies, working together and with others, and based on excellent leadership and teaching, with Gospel values at its heart.

 Terms of Reference

Ensuring the clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction

  1. Develop and enact the educational and religious character and mission of the school, ensuring that this is consistent with the mission of the Kent Catholic Schools Partnership (“the Trust”) and the teachings of the Catholic church
  2. Ensure that the academy promotes Gospel values, ‘British Values’ and adheres to equality legislation
  1. Ensure that the school has a medium to long term strategy for school improvement and governance and that there is a robust plan in place for achieving that strategy
  1. Ensure that all actions taken by the Local Governing Body are consistent with the Trust’s policies and procedures

Overseeing the educational performance of the school and its pupils, and the performance management of staff


  1. Approve the curriculum proposed by the Executive Headteacher (EHT), Headteacher (HT) or Head of School (HoS)
  1. Monitor the quality of teaching and learning and the progress and attainment of all pupils, with particular attention to those with special educational needs, a disability or in receipt of Pupil Premium funding, and ask the EHT/HT/HoS challenging questions
  1. Participate in the recruitment of a new EHT/HT/HoS, so that a recommendation to appoint can be made to the KCSP Head of HR that carries the support of KCSP’s Director of School

Improvement and the Education Commission

  1. Inform the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) on occasions where the dismissal or suspension of the EHT/HT/HoS/Deputy may be required
  1. Inform the CEO of the Trust and the Education Commission of the appointment, suspension or dismissal of Head of RE and Chaplain
  1. Ensure that the school is compliant with the Memorandum on the Appointment of staff in Catholic schools as issued by the Catholic Bishops’ Conference
  1. Lead the EHT/HT/HoS appraisal process, including setting targets, drafting the report and monitoring performance with advice from and the agreement of the Director of School

Improvement or his/her representative

  1. Support the EH/HT/HoS/Deputy in the development and review (from time to time) of an appropriate structure for the school and for the appointment of school staff to ensure that the school is fully staffed in accordance with that structure.

Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent

 Recommend the school budget and three-year plan for submission to the Board of Directors

  1. Monitor the financial performance against the school annual budget
  2. Appoint a Governor(s) to monitor finance
  3. Act on audit reports and your EHT/HT/HoS response
  4. Enter into contracts up to the limits of delegation and within an agreed budget and capital plan

General governance responsibilities

 Elect a Chair and Vice-Chair from among the Foundation Governors

  1. Recruit a co-opted local governor who has been identified as having a specific skill set that the LGB would benefit from
  1. Publish up to date details of the structure and remit of the LGB, full names and appointment dates and relevant business and pecuniary interests, and attendance records at LGB meetings over the last academic year on the school website
  1. Ensure that the Department for Education’s Edubase website is up to date
  2. Ensure the allocation of specific responsibilities for special educational needs, child protection, pupil premium, RE and financial matters to monitor and report to the LGB at least once a year
  1. Appoint a Clerk to the Local Governing Bodies
  2. Review and approve the policies of the school (in line with any Trust policy or Directive from the Archbishop) and publish on the school website where necessary
  1. Note the Trust policies, publish on the school website and monitor their implementation
  2. Monitor the single central record
  3. Ensure systems are in place in line with the Trust’s strategy at the school for effective communication with pupil, parents or carers, staff, parish, Diocese and the wider community
  1. Establish a Local Governing Body Pay and Progression Committee to review and approve the decisions made regarding staff pay and progression by the HT/EHT/HoS
  1. Contribute to the development of the School prospectus


  1. Approve and publish a school Admissions policy
  2. Undertake consultation, publish admissions and determine arrangements as required in accordance with the School Admissions and Appeals Codes, this includes the Diocese guidance for Admissions to Catholic Schools
  1. Make recommendations to the Trust regarding school expansion who will seek consent from Education Commission.
  1. Make arrangements for determining and hearing admissions appeals
  2. Ensure effective arrangements are in place for pupil recruitment

Health, safety, risks and estates

 Review the risk register of the school and report any issues of concern to the Director of Finance and HR

  1. Implement the Trust Health and Safety policy
  2. Support the Director of Finance and HR in developing a long-term estate management strategy that has due regard to all advice from the Education Commission and current legislation.

Constitution and membership

 The Primary Local Governing Body is normally constituted with twelve members: seven Foundation Governors, two Parent Governors, one Co-opted Governor, one staff Governor and the ex-officio Headteacher Governor. If a Local Governing Body currently has more than twelve members the constitution can be temporarily increased to include all current Governors, as long as the requirement that Foundation Governors exceed the number of other members by two is fulfilled.


 Name Type of Governor Term of Office


Name Type of Governor Term of Office
Mr Raymond Austin Foundation Governor 23rd April 2022
Mrs Kay Millership Staff Governor ( Academy Principal) Staff Governor by virtue of being Academy Principal.
Mrs. Ann Yandell Foundation Governor 2nd April 2022
Mrs Tania Wiltshire Staff Governor 31st August 2022
Mrs. Victoria Martin (pending) Foundation Governor
Mrs Sally Posnett Parent Governor 6th October 2022
Fr Phillip Seed Foundation Governor 8th March 2020
Mr. Jon Pavelin Staff Governor 6th October 2022
Vacancy Foundation Governor



 The Local Governing Body will appoint the Chair and Vice-Chair at the first meeting in term 1, from among the number of Governors appointed by the Archbishop (Foundation Governors).

Term of office

Governor term of office is four years, and may be re-appointed at the end of this period subject to remaining eligible to be a particular type of member. Foundation Governors are appointed by the Archbishop of Southwark.

Frequency of Meetings

The Committee will meet at least four times a year. Additional meetings will be called as and when necessary. At least seven days’ notice will be given when calling a meeting. Quorum is a third of all current members.

I was born in Ramsgate and moved to Minster in 1957, aged 10. I trained as a teacher at St. Mary’s College, Strawberry Hill, Twickenham and taught at Hartsdown, Chatham House, Holy Cross and St. Anselm’s in Canterbury.  I am married to Dinny and we have 4 children and 4 grandchildren. I enjoy golf, fishing, cycling, travel and reading. I have been a foundation governor at St. Joseph’s since 2004 and chair since 2012. My particular interest as a governor is the recruitment and continuing professional development.

Please contact via the school office.

I have lived in Thanet for the last 34 years.  I am originally from S.W. London.  I have five grown up children and six grandchildren.  One of my grandsons is a pupil at the school.  I am a past Mayor of Ramsgate (2008-09) and for the last two years Chairman of Thanet District Council.  I now have more time on my hands and am enjoying concentrating on being a Governor.  I went to convent school myself as a child.  Being involved with St. Joseph’s brings back happy memories.  I currently serve on the Staffing and Admissions  Committee.

My parents moved to the area when I was a year old and I grew up in Westgate and Minster during which time I attended local Catholic Schools. Following my “A” levels I moved away to London and then Cambridgeshire to study and work and then returned to Thanet with my own family 11 years ago. Anne Marie and I have four children, two boys and two girls who have all been through St Joseph’s. They have greatly enjoyed their time at St Joseph’s and have gained a great Catholic grounding and education, in a caring and loving school environment.

As part of the governing body, I hope to try and support St Joseph’s continue its great work using some of the knowledge and skills gained through my background in science and my work.

I am originally from Manchester and have lived in West Sussex, Saudi Arabia, Spain, India and Mexico before retiring to this area. I speak Spanish and French fluently.

I have been a Foundation Governor since 2011 and I serve on the Finance and General Management Committee. I bring to that role many years experience n Risk evaluation, management, pricing and insurance solutions across Comercial, Industrial and Service sectors. I have previously operated at senior level in strategic, operational and organisational management.

I currently have two daughters attending St Joseph’s School.

I grew up and was educated in Yorkshire and moved to Kent when I married David. We have lived in Broadstairs and attended Our Lady Star of the Sea for 41 years. We have two daughters and a son and eight grandchildren.I have worked in education for 35 years and was an educational psychologist with KCC for the last 20 years. I retired 3 years ago. Being a governor at St Joseph’s enables me to give back to the community in return for all the opportunities I have been given.

I was born in 1958 in Lancashire, and after a number of moves ended up in Ashford, Kent in 1966. My first school was in Molesey, which was run by the Sisters of the Christian Retreat, the founders of St. Joseph’s. After school and university I spent seventeen years in the printing industry in Ashford. In my early forties I thought I had a vocation to be a priest and asked for this to be tested by the Southwark diocese. From 1999 to 2003 I trained at the Beda College in Rome and was ordained priest at St. Teresa of Avila, Ashford. I was appointed assistant priest at St. Thomas’ in Canterbury in 2003 and stayed there until 2006 when I was appointed Parish Priest of the Church of the Resurrection, Kirkdale, Sydenham. In 2011 I was asked to take over as parish priest here in Broadstairs.


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