Procedures for Dealing with Allegations of Abuse

Procedures for

Dealing with Allegations of Abuse

Against Teachers and Other Staff and Volunteers


Date of Policy: Written in July 2015 : Approved by Governors in October 2016


Person responsible for review: Headteacher

Review Date: June 2018

1. Introduction


1.1 This Statement of Procedures follows the DfE Statutory Guidance Keeping children safe in education March 2015 Part four: Allegations of abuse made against teachers and other staff

It is about managing cases of allegations that might indicate that a person is unsuitable to continue to work with children in their present position, or in any capacity. It will be used in respect of all cases where it is alleged that an employee or volunteer, or a person with permission to be on the premises or carrying out any activity on behalf of the Farlingaye High School has;

 Behaved in a way that has harmed a child, or may have harmed a child;

 Possibly committed a criminal offence against or related to a child;

 Behaved towards a child or children in a way that indicates he or she would pose a risk of harm if they work regularly or closely with children.


This will include allegations involving any type of abuse or neglect, including inappropriate relationships with pupils, grooming behaviour of any kind, possession of indecent photographs or images of children and other offences under the Sexual Offences Act 2003.

1.2 Any allegation of abuse will be dealt with as quickly as possible, in a fair, consistent and thorough way that provides effective protection for the child or children and at the same time deals fairly with the person who is the subject of the allegation.

2. Communicating the Procedures

2.1 All members of the Leadership Team and the designated safeguarding lead with responsibility for child protection have a responsibility to ensure that all staff know about and understand paragraph 3 below.

2.2 In accordance with the DfE Statutory Guidance, all staff should also read the booklet we provide which contains Safeguarding information for all staff.

2.3 All members of the Leadership Team and the designated safeguarding lead

have a responsibility to be familiar with the Statutory Guidance in its entirety.


3. Immediately Reporting an Allegation

3.1 Everyone who comes into contact with children and their families has a role to play in safeguarding children. If you have a concern that a person (as described in paragraph 1.1 above) may have behaved inappropriately or you have received information that may constitute an allegation you must:

 Report the facts to the Headteacher as soon as possible. All concerns will be listened to and managed appropriately; do not withhold information however trivial it may seem.


 In the absence of the Headteacher you must report the matter to the most senior person available who will carry out the Headteacher duties in his/her absence. If the allegation concerns the Headteacher then the matter must be reported to the Chair of Governors.


 Make a signed and dated written record of your concerns, observations or the information you have received and give it to the Headteacher straight away.


 Maintain strict confidentiality.


3.2 You must not:

 Attempt to deal with the situation yourself.


 Make assumptions, offer alternative explanations or diminish or embellish the seriousness of the behaviour or alleged incidents.


 Keep the information to yourself or promise confidentiality.


 Take any action that might undermine any investigation or disciplinary procedure, such as disclosing confidential information, interviewing the alleged victim or potential witnesses, or informing the alleged perpetrator or parents/carers.


4. Duties and Responsibilities of the Headteacher


4.1 The duties and responsibilities of the Headteacher are as described in Keeping children safe in education March 2015 Part four: Allegations of abuse against teachers and other staff which is available through the school Safeguarding Policy.

4.2 The contact details for the Designated Officer for Safeguarding at Brook House are in the Staff Room.


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