Pupil Voice

We asked our pupils what they thought of St Joseph’s!

Question Yes Unsure No Comments
Do you like school?



79% 12% 8% I love it because I like to learn

Some Lessons are boring

I don’t like anything about it.

Yes I feel welcome

Would like to stay with mummy

Don’t like fish and chips

Do you feel safe at school?



87% 12% 1% Teachers make me feel safe.

A road is near.

A stranger could climb the wall.


Are you making good progress at school? 77% 19% 4%  



Does your teacher help you to get better at your work?


96% 3% 1%  

They help me to learn.


I don’t need any help

Are lessons interesting?


70% 25% 5% Some of them are.


Only Art and Maths

Do you think behaviour is mostly good?


70% 26% 4% Most children behave well

Sometimes I am not good

(Named particular children)

Is there someone to talk to if you have a problem?


92% 5% 3% Teachers, Mrs Briggs, Alexis.

I don’t like talking about my problems.

Not always someone there when you need them but usually gets sorted out

I like talking to my family

Does the school deal with bullying well?


75% 22% 3% Because I got bullied and they dealt with it


Yes the school does


When I was bullied no one did anything.

Do you learn about healthy eating?

84% -Yes

15%- Unsure

1%- No

84% 15% 1% We watched a movie about healthy eating’.

We have letters and things


Do you enjoy taking part in assemblies and Masses?



80% 14% 6% We get to sing and I enjoy Assemblies’


I’m shy and don’t like taking part’.


Sometimes Mass is too long


Do you enjoy trips, visits, clubs and activities?



94% 5% 1% They are always exciting


Yes they’re fun


Sometimes mostly yes

Are you proud of your school?

90- Yes

10- No





90% 10% Yes because we have nice teachers

I am happy at school

It could improve


(One child expressed and named a preference for another school)


(In no particular order)  I could improve my school by:

Move the boys toilets from above Mrs Briggs Room

We could act out stories and make symbols for Maths to help us remember.

More experiments in Science

Don’t make people who don’t believe in God or Jesus go to Mass

No school uniform.

Everything is good.

Have a break in the middle of the week.  I want to learn more Maths.

Make all lesson fun

Being friendly

Bigger building

A zebra crossing

More teaching assistants

Better outside equipment

Better hand driers

A lot of things are good


I can’t improve it.


‘nothing its already good’

‘by changing stuff’

‘vegan meals’

‘stop people parking outside’

‘making after school club more exciting’


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