Science Week

Science week lands with a whizz, bang, pop and a to-wit-to-woo!

Science Week

Our annual Science Week started this week with a literal bang whizz as our School playground became the launch pad for V2 rockets under the guiding hand of a rocket expert in the field, Amber from the Royal Engineers Museum Gillingham, who kick-started the week with a KS2 rocket making series of workshops.

A full calendar of events is planned for the week which is annually given over to promoting and exploring the rich diversity of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) for all age groups.

Taking our lead from the astronomer Carl Sagan’s inspirational quote “Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known”, the usual constraints of timetable are abandoned for the week as teachers, parents and external agencies bring STEM to life in a practical way that will hopefully nurture curiosity and inspire the children with the life enhancing skills of experimenting, testing ideas out and creatively thinking up solutions to problems.

So, from a cuddling session with a baby owl to building a bridge that can withstand heavy loads, the week is designed to offer all age groups an insight into the creative, rich world of STEM in a fun, team building way. On a sobering note, by the time all our pupils are of working age, the UK will need over two million additional engineers so the positive messages about STEM that we promote at the very earliest stages of learning may well reap dividends nationally.

Our whole school community would like to thank all the supporters of the week who have volunteered their time and enthusiasm-  John Hislop of the Monkton Stargazers, Iuila Motoc of the University of Kent, Mr Harvey of the Kent Fire Service, Joe’s Bow’s and Amber Cottee from the Royal Engineers Museum, Gillingham.


Monday Satellite tracking and message decoding Years 5 and 6 Birds of Prey Demonstration YR-Year 6
Tuesday Farming Talk Years 1 and 2


Beach trip Years 5 and 6


Taste Bud testing Y3
Wednesday Fire Talk and visit by Fire Engine Year 1


Artificial Intelligence Talk By University Of Kent Engineering Department Years 1 and 2


Y3 Insect hotel making in nature garden


Thursday Bridge Building and testing workshops Bridge Building and testing workshops


Friday Bridge Building and testing workshops


Medal ceremony for the strongest load bearing bridges


Bridge Building and testing workshops


Years 5 and 6 Mocketts Wood Trip


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