Sports Premium

P.E. and the Sports’ Premium

Progress towards our objectives during 2014-17:

To ensure that St. Joseph’s offers ‘outstanding’ teaching provision and learning opportunities in P.E.

  • The employment of an outstanding PE specialist coach, Mr Holmes of Elite Sports, to work alongside our own teaching staff has increased their subject knowledge and confidence in the delivery of PE.  We are now building on his legacy and currently training our own coach to maintain good practice and deliver an outstanding sports curriculum.
  • Access to outstanding professional development for teaching staff has boosted their subject knowledge and pedagogy in P.E. Training opportunities have been accessed through Thanet Super Passport membership/ subscription.
  • To increase the range of sports offered in the Curriculum, extra- curricular clubs, and competitive sport.
  • We have engaged in a broadening range of sports via subscription to the collaboration with local schools offered by the Thanet Passport organisation. Clubs have been established to prepare for upcoming sporting festivals.
  • The employment of a sports coach has broadened the range of sports’ clubs we offer – clubs have been offered in football (including a dedicated girls’ football club), rugby, cricket, netball, dance, infant games, athletics, cross-country, multi-skills, dodgeball, tennis, dance and ‘Change 4 Life’ during 2014-17. An extra 8 clubs when compared against 2013-14. Again our employment of our sports’ coach and the continuing investment in training has been vital in enhancing this provision.
  • In September 2016 we made a strategic decision to include training for Inter School Sport competitions within lunch time clubs and Curriculum time. This will assist in boosting participation rates in such competitions amongst pupils that struggle to attend after school clubs. This effort is being spearheaded by our new Sports’ coach, Mr Jones.
  • Monies were allocated to secure specialist netball and tennis coaching.
  • We have made links with local sports’ clubs, leading to specialised coaching from representatives during National Sports Week.
  • To boost participation rates in Intra- School competitions
  • We have delivered a regular program of intra-house competitions during Curriculum time. Participation is now established throughout the school.
  • We have purchased House Sports’ trophies for said competitions.To raise participation levels in Inter-School competitions
  • There has been an increase the number of pupils entering competitive events with other local primary schools via subscription to the Thanet Passport collaborative organisation. Indeed, involvement in Inter-School sporting events has been significantly increased from 10% of Key Stage One in 2013-14 to 33% in 2015- 16. A similar increase is also noted in Key Stage Two from 33% to 53% of children over the same time frame. Our sports’ coach has been important in establishing this increased level of participation, with St. Joseph’s teams attending a broad range of Thanet Passport Festivals after school and on Saturday mornings under his supervision.
  • Resources have been purchased to facilitate participation in a growing range of competitive sport (kit, equipment…)
  • To boost aerobic fitness and strength of children.
  • St. Joseph’s has provided a Change 4 Life club for children with hitherto limited engagement with school sport.
  • Monies have been allocated to provide for staff training in relation to the Change 4 Life program and its implementation.
  • To develop greater engagement with and enjoyment of P.E.
  • We have developed a School Sport Organising Crew, using Premium funds to acquire training via the Thanet Super Passport organisation.
  • Again our sports’ coach has been vital in implementing this program.
  • We were delighted to see pupils report an improved attitude to sports at the end of the course – with one pupil captaining the school rounders team during the summer team of 2015, and another pupil captaining the cricket team in the summer of 2016!
  • Pupil safety:
  • All children in  Year 4 have accessed swimming tuition.
  • We will be  identifying some Year 5 and 6 pupils as requiring further swimming lessons, to prioritise the establishment of this vital life skill by the end of their St. Joseph’s career.
  • Monies were allocated to hire our local swimming pool.

Sports Premium Funding

The plan that can be accessed via the button below details the additional offers made to children in improving skills or in a wider range of sports in which to participate. The funding is as follows.

A grant of £8885 was allocated to St Joseph’s Primary School for 2016-17.

Sports Coach salary – approximately £5000 to lead small groups within and outside of lessons to facilitate participation in sports outside the range of normal P.E. teaching; run clubs for those children normal disengaged with sport; accompany groups to competitions and meets.

Membership to the Super School Passport- £850 – providing access to sporting events and some training.

Trophies, medals etc- £150 approximately

Sporting Fees:   £100

Lunch time Tennis tuition- £250

Lunchtime Netball Tuition – £250

Swimming fees, tuition out with curriculum: £650

Payment for Swimming Qualifications for 2 new instructors: £500

Staff Training:   £500

Resources, transport, miscellaneous expenses: £1000

Total: £9250




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