St. Joseph's goes Jurassic

St. Joseph’s goes Jurrasic

St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School Broadstairs went Jurassic last week when the School opened its doors to a Tyrannosaurus Rex mother and baby in a fearsomely realistic trip back to the Dinosaur Age.

The 3 dimensional puppet mother and baby spent the day with Key Stage 1 infants who also explored the world of fossils in a series of excavations designed to introduce the children to a hands on understanding of how the dinosaurs lived and died. The budding palaeontologists located and identified replica fossils from some of the most iconic dinosaurs from the cretaceous age learning about habitat, diet, location and fate.

A perennially favourite topic with all ages, dinosaurs never fail to catch the imagination with the children delighting in coming face to face with the most fearsome meat eater of all time!

Modelled on the puppets from the Walking with Dinosaurs series, the mother T Rex had animatronic features and a realistic roar which provided a dynamic interactive learning platform for the topic to come to life.


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