World Book Day

World Book Day

St Joseph’s threw open its doors this week to welcome in a host of distinguished guests from “Other Lands” as part of our annual Book Day 2018 celebrations.

A host of Dorothys in red sequined shoes, Lost Boys from Never Never Land, immaculate Queens of Hearts, Harry Potters, Hermiones and even Miss Peregrine made an appearance and were part of an impressive array of costumes, make up and wigs which formed the backdrop of the day where the mystical, thrilling theme of “Other Lands” was celebrated with gusto.

Whether falling down a rabbit hole, exploring the back of a wardrobe or the second star to the right and straight on till morning was your chosen location, all the children and staff promoted their favourite books and shared reading experiences in a day given over to sharing a love of books and creative writing.

St Joseph’s was also delighted to welcome well known author Jane Clarke to the School for a day of workshops and storytelling. Jane, whose works include bookshelf favourites “Gilbert the Great” and “Stuck in the Mud”, worked on a writing activity with every class in which she gave advice on structure, form and description before letting the children weave their own magic on individual stories.

It was after long deliberation over the many imaginative and beautifully crafted pieces of story writing that Jane awarded Jessica and Zebedee prizes for their creative writing.

We are grateful to Jane for helping us celebrate this UNESCO initiative which is a firm favourite on the School calendar.



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