Year 3


Year 3

Bottle Rockets

As part of our ‘forces’ science topic this term we have been planning, designing, building and firing our bottle rockets. In groups of 3 or 4, we had to design a bottle rocket that could be fired into the sky using the force of air pressure. We had to design one that is light, aerodynamic and looks good. First of all we drew our bottle rockets and measured the fins and nose cone and decided what materials to use to make and attach them.

Once we had done that, we painted all the items then put them together. We then had to decide how much water to put inside the bottle, put a cork (with a tiny hole drilled in it) tightly into the top of the bottle and inserted a valve attached to a bike pump.  Mr Stone then pumped air into the bottle, building the air pressure and eventually forcing the cork and water out of the bottle and the bottle up into the air.

As you can see we had fun all the way through this project!

We are looking forward to term 3 being full of learning and fun. In History, we are moving onto studying the Romans, including lots of role play, research and an exciting trip to Dover Museum (watch this space).

 Excitingly, we start our swimming lessons this term. I know the children are (mostly) very excited about the prospect of swimming lessons with all their friends. It is a real joy to see all of the children develop their confidence in the water.

 In Science we are studying rocks and soil (types of rocks, how they are formed, fossils and what soil is) and this will involve lots of hands on learning including a chilly trip to the beach to collect different types of rocks and look for fossils. 

 We will be continuing to learn Spanish throughout the year and I am very impressed with how much conversational Spanish the class already have. Well Done Year 3 ! 

 Keep your eyes open for some pictures of the fun learning we are doing and our achievements. 



As part of our Literacy learning of non-fiction texts, we have been learning about lions; their habitats, their diet and why the numbers of lions are declining.

As part of this topic we did class and independent research and decided to plan a persuasive debate.

We used the topic of a village in Tanzania where there have been many deaths caused by lions. Every child in the class had a debate with a partner and one child was ‘for’ the killing of lions to protect the villagers, the other child was ‘against’ the killing of lions at all costs.

We had some very interesting points raised and the whole class worked very well in groups.  Here is a video of one of our debates.  I think you’ll agree, there are some very interesting points made.

The whole debate topic was a ROAR-ing success and we look forward to creating some fantastic information posters soon.

Watch this space for more of our interesting work and keep your eyes open for our work in the corridors if you are in the school….



We recently visited Dover Museum to support our history topic ‘The Romans’.  The day was a fantastic success involving genuine artefact handling and discussion with a hugely knowledgeable member of the Dover Museum team, a museum tour and a clay workshop led by Hannah.  The whole class engaged very well in all the sessions, asked some insightful questions, offered some interesting ideas for the uses of the artefacts and created a clay Roman Soldier (we are waiting for them to dry before we paint them).

We were lucky enough to have some spare time to look at the Bronze Age Boat (we studied the Bronze Age in the Autumn terms) and had a look around the Bronze Age museum too.  Seeing real life artefacts really helped to bring their learning to life and engage their interests.

I am delighted to say that the children were impeccably behaved and were a real credit to the school (as noted by the museum staff).  A big thank you to all the adults who helped, we couldn’t do it without you.

We are now looking forward to visiting the beach next term to support our science topic of Rocks, fossils and Soil.


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