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Year 6

Class News

Year 6

My first term at St. Joseph’s was very good. I am new at this school and I am new in this country .In year 6 it’s nice atmosphere and lots of nice people. We have nice teacher Mrs. Wiltshire and two nice assistants. I meet lots of new words in English and lots of things about St. Joseph’s. (Anna)

In maths I am in the group circles we all do are best in year 6 and in maths sometimes I get it wrong but I all ways try. I sit next to Chloe and sometimes she helps me and I help her. (Caitlin)

I had an amazing start to year 6 because we had monitoring duties allotted to us.

Mocketts Wood was a cool school trip most of us were getting sticks and leaves so we could build habitats for our science work it was educational. (Alfie)

In year six, I have enjoyed almost everything and I like the fact that we have headphones. In year six, I have been the tech monitor with Archie, we help with computing, and I was the stair monitor. In year six, we are lucky enough to have a cabinet filled with tablets, which we use in ICT and for research. We have to move around depending on the subject we are doing which I haven’t done since year three. Also, the class room is really big and we have almost all the top floor just for our classroom! (Zebedee)

To help us keep calm and think better we sometimes have the option for headphones, which is very relaxing, and help me work. If you are somewhat stuck on something in class you can rely on your friendly class mates in case you want a kind study buddy (a class mate who helps you with your struggles). (Oliver)

Year 6 so far has been a great year I love all the choices we get. I loved the experiences we have had I am sure I will enjoy them all to come. It is also a much laid-back class it is so relaxed. I have amazing teachers, they’re all so nice.

The experiences have been amazing I loved them all for example pgl, also, the 11+ I love the math we do. The executive head is nice. In summary year 6 rocks. (Tobey)

So far, year six has been a blast! Our teacher is suuuuuper nice and calm towards us. It`s quite a laid back class, which is an absolutely perfect setting for a class room. I know many people would agree. (Chloe)

Ever since I walked through the Y6 door, I had a feeling that Y6 had a lot of promise. When I had my first lesson with the brilliant Mrs. Wiltshire, I was super nervous because I really wanted to impress her and show her that I have amazing handwriting and that I could do good work, but then I realized that Mrs. Wiltshire was an awesome teacher, and I wasn’t scared to talk to her. In one assembly there was a big announcement that there was a new executive head teacher. At first I was really worried that I was going to get told off by him in the future. But he has made such an AMAZING difference (good difference) to the school that I never want him to leave. (Maya)

I love how I am helped by my teachers to be more independent! It makes me feel a lot more grown up than I was in year 5. I could not be more glad with all the responsibilities I have. Right now I am year two monitor, and dictionary monitor. (Saskia)

Our RE Topic this term has been ‘The Kingdom of God’ and we have been discussing what form the Kingdom might take to different people.   Here are a few of the children’s comments:-

“The Kingdom of God is round every corner when anyone is being kind or nice to others!”

“I think the Kingdom of God is where everyone is respected and is a happy place”

“The Kingdom of God is where good choices happen”


Year 6 had a lot of responsibilities during the Autumn 2 term –  we helped at the Christmas fair, we sang and danced for the Church community and we took centre stage at the school Nativity.  The Year 6 prefects did a fantastic job of guiding visitors and potential school-mates around the classes.  All members of the class participated in a variety of events with enthusiasm and good grace.


Term 3 will be challenging for us – we have a lot of skills to develop ready for SATS tests and transition to secondary school.  As always, we will balance our school life to include plenty of fun and learning outside of the classroom.  We are going to learn about World War 2 and the local impact through a trip to the Ramsgate tunnels.  You might be surprised to learn that we are going to Pizza Express on the bus to become more knowledgeable about healthy eating.  It will be exciting to learn about Electricity during science lessons, and we will be keeping an eye on the Wildlife Garden, to see nature in action at this time of year.  We have many talented sportspeople within Year 6 who will continue to represent the school in such a positive way.  We are delighted that Mr Wright has agreed to join us for our early morning runs – an excellent role-model!


Term 4 At the end of February Year 6 were overjoyed to take delivery of their long-awaited sensory deprivation goggles! These blackout goggles will enable the children to engage in a wide range of activities relating to the senses, team-work, following instructions, trust, confidence, spatial awareness and focus.  We first experienced this resource during our residential trip to PGL, and hope to recreate, and extend, many of the activities we enjoyed previously.

Although Term 5 in Year 6 is, as you would expect, taken up with lots of revision and preparation for the SATs testing, we still managed to have lots of fun. Our Science topic, Electricity, produced some excellent individual projects.  Children produced working models of their choice, integrating batteries, bulbs, buzzers, motors and other components.  We enjoyed the May service very much, as we did the RNLI assembly and the Creepy Crawlies presentation.

Term 6 is always action-packed in Year 6, and this year is no exception.  We are looking forward to a Forest School Day at Quex, the Science Jamboree at Pfizer , a trip to the woods, a day at Reculver learning about wind farms, our joint trip to the beach with St. Gregory’s, and, of course, the Year 6 sleepover.  We are also working hard to prepare for our end of year Leavers Assembly Production.  Phew!! This will all run alongside and complement our core and foundation subject lessons.  The children will be meeting representatives from their secondary schools and we will all be working together to ensure transition is as stress-free and enjoyable as possible.


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